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Welcome to Poets' Directory, a site dedicated to providing information and opportunities for UK and Irish poets. The site covers everything from poetry submissions to published collections, videos, news and much more. It is also home to '192' ezine.

An Origin Story:

The Poets' Directory was born because of an Excel spreadsheet malfunction, as most things in life are.

Like most poets I keep a log of submission opportunities at hand for when I get a few spare minutes to send my work off into the ether. One dark and stormy night in February, just as I had sat down to curse some unsuspecting editor with doggerel, I found that my spreadsheet was corrupted (not a euphemism) and that all the info I had put together over a number of years was lost, forever.

After suffering paroxysms of emotions that would have made Keats blush, It occured to me that there must be thousands of poets who, like me, spend hours trawling the internet to find new and engaging platforms for their work. And wouldn't it be great if all this information could be found in a place that wouldn't self-destruct into the infinities. (Dystopian apocalypse notwithstanding)

It was from that idea that this website was born.

Now I am not for one second suggesting that I have invented anything new here, there are many very good lists and resources out there on the internet that poets can utilise. But a lot of them are either out-of-date or only contain select information. 

What Poets' Directory is aiming to do is to bring together as many magazines, journals, websites, publishers, poets, competitions and events together under one roof as possible, so that the days of scurrying around the back rooms of the internet for somewhere to send your sonnet, are over.

This then got me thinking.

What if there was a big catalogue of published poetry collections available from all of the presses in the UK & Ireland, all available with links and 'showcase' poems for readers to access? Surely this would be a great way for poets to reach a wider audience?

So this is what I set out to create with this site. It will hopefully grow and develop into a space that is informative and inspiring, and will act as a platform for poets to get their work out to as many people as possible. 

Thanks for visiting, and good luck with your work,


The main aims of the project are to:


To provide a comprehensive list of magazines, publishers, events and opportunities for poets in the UK & Ireland.


To provide a list of published poetry collections with example poems to provide exposure and opportunities.


To develop a network of shared information and collaboration between poets, publishers and the wider writing world.

All donations go back into the site to cover website fees, SEO's and subscriptions. All extra funds will go towards developing the Poets' Directory app and getting '192' into physical print. We have also recently launched Nine Pens Press and are looking at ways of funding that exciting project.

Thanks for your support.

We want to hear from you.

- If you produce a magazine, website, journal

- Are a poet with a collection, pamphlet, chapbook

- Are a publisher or press

- Run a competition, prize or event

- Have any poetry related info or opportunity to share

If you want to be added to the Poets Directory,

drop us an email with your details to: poetsdirectory@gmail.com

192 Poetry Magazine

Submissions to '192' are currently closed.

Issue 2 is live and ready for you to read.

Submissions will open again next year.